A story of dedication and love. A young man graduates from Princeton: He's a freshly-minted second lieutenant with dreams and aspirations for his future. He gets married and ships off to an international conflict-zone, and within months he is promoted to Battery Executive Officer. During his tour of duty in Korea he writes 171 love letters to his new bride. These letters sparkle with humor and devotion, but as the months progress, the letters also reveal a growing maturity both as a leader and as a husband. Love Letters from the Front will inspire anyone facing hardship and challenge that those ordeals can fortify character and produce fresh leadership strength.

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Back in 1953, Kodak made a Brownie Movie Camera that sold for $39.75. We really couldn't afford that kind of luxury. But we reasoned, wouldn't this be a special present to give each other for our first wedding anniversary! Lucy purchased it on June 28, 1953. It was going to be great fun to take home movies of army life together in Oklahoma and fun times with friends, so far from home.

We had no idea my Far East orders would arrive in less than two weeks, on July 10th. At that point we began to realize the movie camera would become an excellent way for us stay connected during my long absence ahead, and a perfect way to share my experiences with Lucy.

When I shipped out to Korea that camera was with me constantly. Back then Kodak made it very easy to go from raw footage to finished film. When you purchased film, the purchase price ($3.95) included prepayment for development. Once the roll was finished, I shipped the exposed film to Hawaii for processing, and then Kodak shipped the finished reels directly home to Lucy. In the era before video cameras and iphones, this was the only way for her to see exactly what I was encountering in the field.

Never could I have guessed that 60 years later I would select forty-one segments digitally, and do a voice-over on my ipad!

Video 01- Page 12: Together we Bought Little Jag
Video 02- Page 14: We traveled to the firing range.
Video 03- Page 16: Enroute to the 7th Div. The countryside and F-86 jets.
Video 04- Page 25: Goodbye Golden Gate.
Video 05- Page 31: View from the cockpit.
Video 06- Page 32: We land at Wake Island.
Video 07- Page 33: Wake Island's rusty relics.
Video 08- Page 34: An hour for lunch then off to the Orient.
Video 09- Page 44: On the troop train from Tokyo southbound.
Video 10- Page 59: In Sasebo awaiting my ship.
Video 11- Page 69: My first US Military Korean Uniform
Video 12- Page 72: Cruising the Yellow Sea.
Video 13- Page 77: Inchon harbor activity.
Video 14- Page 78: The troops land and head inland.
Video 15- Page 79: Our lodgings, neighbors, and the broken city of Seoul.
Video 16- Page 81: First visit to the supply room.
Video 17- Page 87: Climbing up, up, up to our hilltop bunker.
Video 18- Page 90: A view of the Other Side.
Video 19- Page 100: Backyard electric shaving on the hill.
Video 20- Page 103: Observing the enemy.
Video 21- Page 112: Setting up a new battery location.
Video 22- Page 140: Baker tested the Best among Bell's three batteries.
Video 23 - Page 143: Loading a howitzer and life in the open field.
Video 24- Page 144: Shooting finished.
Video 25- Page 178: Heading out for a Shoot and a playful "Syg."
Video 26- Page 183: Baker Battery. We live with mud.
Video 27- Page 187: Preparing to shoot.
Video 28- Page 188: Firing high angle.
Video 29- Page 192: We celebrate Thanksgiving with friends.
Video 30- Page 194: Taking a stroll to deliver the payroll.
Video 31- Page 194: Firing and flaming also Capt Sosa, the Lt. Col and Maj.
Video 32- Page 223: Bringing Christmas to Korean children.
Video 33- Page 224: We hold a party for the children.
Video 34- Page 225: Two little girls get their first Christmas gift.
Video 35- Page 247: Observing the release of the POW's.
Video 36- Page 249: More than 22,000 POW's move through our area.
Video 37- Page 259: Arriving in Tokyo for R and R.
Video 38- Page 285: Delivering the payroll.
Video 39- Page 310: Headed home aboard the Marine Serpent.
Video 40- Page 311: Cleaning mops at sea.
Video 41- Page 314: Glorious arrival at the Seattle docks.